Rehablinks is based on a very simple concept. We wanted to build a better way for getting valuable resources to those suffering from substance abuse problems, a quick and easy way to get information for staying sober. We asked the question, could an effective interface be created that works on all devices and all environments? When you need help, you need it now and rehablinks is here to help.
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Michael Long
Design & Development

I scraped together my first page of HTML at Indiana University in 1994 with the help of a few friends and half a dozen books the size of telephone directories. My animated GIFS were the envy of the internet. I launched my first web dev company the following year and was working in the Windows Media Group at Microsoft by the end of 1995. After leaving Microsoft in 1998, I created Overdrive Media, a company that mixed web dev with the burgeoning streaming media industry. Having created a successful syndication system that received great evaluations from an analyst at Jupiter, we thought we were well on our way to Internet Millions by the end of 2001. A culmination of Napsters attack on online audio profitability and the dot com crash left us decimated a few months later. We shut Overdrive Media down, and I shuffled between various web dev companies, B grade ad agencies and assorted contracts. The result of these experiences was the launch of ArtSchoolsDigital.com - a site that served the Art School verticals. ArtSchoolsDigital.com grew rapidly and garnered widespread attention. Before selling the site in 2007, it had become the second most-trafficked art school site on the internet utilized by hundreds of thousands of art students.
The rehablinks project is my baby. I wanted to do an end-to-end project that enompassed both web and app development. Finding a better way to help individuals with substance abuse seemed like a perfect idea.
Michael Steele

Mike Steele is a CPA and master of online data. As a cutting edge accountant, he has worked from the Bering Sea to Bogota, controlled the campaign finances of top congressional leadership (Jim McDermott, Seattle), managed the acquisition cost side of the world’s largest internet domain portfolio (Marchex, Inc), and assisted with the launching of 16 innovative healthcare clinics in South America under the intense scrutiny of the Big Four Accounting firms for a Fortune 300 company with over 13.29 billion in annual revenues. (DaVita Healthcare Partners).

Having started his early career as a commercial fish buyer and subsequently moved into show business accounting, he is as comfortable chilling with the Eskimos with a stack of payout cash as he is settling up with the management of nationally renowned artists like Earth Wind and Fire, Joan Jett, David Lee Roth, and many, many more. (One Reel Productions – Seattle Art Festival). His passion for making the world a better place led him to advise top congressional leadership on how to optimize fundraising and continue to dominate Seattle politics. Somewhere in between high tech accounting for the world’s largest internet domain portfolio and launching innovative healthcare clinics in Colombia, he met internet guru Mike Long and decided to give something back and put his talents to good use charting the tops of the internet search engines to help those addicted to drugs and alcohol. You can currently either find Mike coordinating the accounting and database research with his iPhone in the Colombian countryside somewhere near Cali, Colombia, or herb gardening in his native city of Puyallup, Washington near Seattle.

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